Here at Moldes RP we produce molds for various industries such as automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, home appliances industry such as household appliances, packaging and others. As communication is the basis for a good relationship, we are concerned to keep our customers informed about each step of the mold and it's easy for the customer to follow the process of their molds at our facilities.

Customer Relationships

There are cases where our client knows what he wants but for some reason can't develop it. For these cases we in the design department help the customer with the product design to achieve the mold goal. We also perform rheological study on the articles in order to analyze the process of filling, cooling, compaction and warping to anticipate possible problems.

Product Development and Rheological Studies

We strive for close cooperation with customers at an early stage of their projects, adding all of our know-how as a manufacturer. Our design department is characterized by the support of knowledgeable industry personnel and integrates advanced CAD / CAM technologies.


Quality improvement is inevitable in any industry. If our customers are more demanding we have to be more demanding with ourselves. Improving the quality of our work and reducing lead times leads to a constant investment in new equipment to achieve these goals.


The study of the measurements is done on steel, plastic, electrodes and in all material and we can obtain a dimensional report to reach the maximum accuracy so we count on several dimensional control machines and magnifying machines for the smallest materials.


We have a team that allows us to reach decades of experience in finishing and assembly and, together with the high machinery, we are guaranteed quality. The assembly personel are the firsts to see their molds tested and give their support during the injection process to finish them.

Finishing and Assembley

We have the best conditions to test our molds. We have machines between 80 and 400 tons allowing us to test the vast majority of our molds with the most different specificities, molds up to 3 components, molds with metal insert, gas injection, vario-thermal process, among others.


Certificates and Policy

Moldes RP is certificated by SGS ICS - International Certification Services. The integrated management system at Moldes RP applies to our main activity: Design, Development and Manufacturing Molds and Plastic Parts Production.

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Moldes RP recognizes environmental problems are of increasing importance at all levels and considering our main activity we integrate environmental and social matters as part of our priorities.

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Moldes RP is a promoter of actions in the prevention of injuries and health conditions and the continuous improvement of management and performance of occupational safety and health.

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In order to position Moldes RP as a strategic partner in the development and manufacture of innovative and value-added solutions in the area of ​​plastic injection molds, the organization is committed to establish research, development and innovation as a strategic area

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History and Events


First days

Moldes RP beginning in 1990



In 2000 Moldes RP changes to the current facilities



In 2003 Moldes RP get its NP EN ISO9001 certification


Infrastructure Expansion

After the relocation in 2000, Moldes RP expands is campus to include a 2nd building and increases is production



After beeing certified with ISO9001 in 2003, Moldes RP goes further with the following certifications:

Health and Security Management OHSAS18001 and NP4397

Social Responsability NP 4469-1

Environment NP EN ISO 14001



In 2015 Moldes RP adds the certificate in Management System in Investigation, Development and Innovation (NP 4457)


Infrastructure Expansion

To complete the plastic process, Moldes RP expands to a 3rd building for thermoplastic injection on its campus


Rua José Alves Júnior 411
2430-076, Albergaria
Marinha Grande
P.O. Box 155
2430-902 Marinha Grande

Tel: +351 244575370