Moldes RP offers a complete service, starting at the conception of the mould to its completion. The planning and the quality control are considered as a priority, to guarantee the accomplishment of the deadlines and technical specifications. With functional and modern facilities, our company assures the constant technological upgrade at both machinery and production, as well as the project and communication systems with the constant aim of providing the best high precision technical moulds.

Comercialization & Follow-up

In Moldes RP we commercialize moulds for several industries, such as: Automotive; Medical/ Pharmaceutical, Household appliances and Packaging, among others.  Understanding that the foundation of a strong relationship relays on good communication, we prioritize to keep our clients informed about each step of the mold. Through progress reports with photos every two weeks, the clients receive all the information needed for the follow-up of the tools.

Product Development & Rheological Studies

We make rheological studies to analyze the moldflow analysis, the filling process and the warpage of the parts.
We are able to do dimensional control of plastic and steel as well as making gabaris, fixers and calibres for special measurements.



Moldes RP excels due the teamwork and  closeness with customers in the beginning  of their project. Our project department  has large knowledge of plastics industry and we keep advanced and flexible  CAD/CAM  software like TopSolid,  Pro/Engineer,  Moldex , Cimatron Modelling Solids & Surfaces, SolidCAM, SolidWorks, WorkNC and others.


Moldes RP has modern and functional facilities. We always get up to date technologies within production equipment, project, communication systems and management. Our commitment is to provide high-tech molds just-in-time.
Nowadays when short deliveries are a must, Moldes RP works out state-of-the–art technology, high skilled staff and advanced methods are present everywhere in the production process.

Finishing and Final Assembly

This section is key for the finishing and final assembly of the mould in order to guarantee its quality. Formed by experienced bench officers and supported by an adjustment press and 6 grinding machines, this section also provides a follow-up of the moulds testing every time it may be necessary.


Moldes RP has new and sophisticated equipment for trials and running small productions. Our ENGEL machines allow us to try out 2K and 3K parts, gas injection moulds and moulds with metallic inserts, among others.  



Moldes RP team always bear in mind the aim of meeting customers expectations. After the first trial we will make the necessary adjustments to obtain a successful final product.